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how many RCS-e clients is out there ?

Just short memo:
Today I checked the You can see there is already quite a few clients available, either as a part of OS (only Android and Windows Phone 8) or as sw client (including iOS).
Conclusion: All the “big guns” like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, LG are already including the RCS into their mainstream products. Except Apple. We will see…

Jan, ClearNet Solutions

RCS-e clients having problems with redundancy across more IMS sites

Sometime in spring I pushed a lot to check how one of the RCS-e clients behave in terms of redundancy across more IMS sites. The reason was clear – there is lot of deployments where operator is having two (or even more) IMS sites, i.e. two or more P-CSCFs in network and nobody wants that failure of one site will affect whole service…If you have such network you certainly want to have also a mechanism how to control load-sharing among more sites. And you certainly also want to have a mechanism how to redirect users to the other side if the one is down.

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